About Me

Hey everyone, my name is Cobus van der Merwe.
I’ve been researching and testing off grid living options and homesteading for some time now.
During this period, I considered living space, water harvesting, food cultivation, off grid solar panel kits, propane stoves, other cooking methods, tools and more. Volts, Watts & Amps - Off Grid Basics & Homesteading

The reason why I created this blog site was, because I thought that many others, like maybe you, who have the same interests can benefit from what I have learnt and experienced.

I will share what I know about the vast topic of living off the grid, but also expand the website with other relevant information over time. …So please get back here from time to time.

If I ever mention anything that captures your interest, will you please interact with my site. I love to talk about off grid living. If you have anything interesting that you want to share or any opinions on any of the content I have created on my site, please do get involved in the comment sections of the posts. I love interaction and feedback.

About me…Off Grid Basics & Homesteading
Where does my interest in this topic originate from you may ask?

As a child, I grew up during the 70’s on a smallholding in South Africa .
Our drinking water came from a borehole which was pumped by a paraffin burning engine, into a gravity feed reservoir. Irrigation water was pumped from the nearby river. At first, we used a wood fired hot water furnace and later we upgraded to a propane gas water heater. Our food was cooked on a coal burning stove, which also served as hot water source for the kitchen and a heat source for our house in Winter.
…I still remember the smell and taste of sweet potatoes that my mother baked in that coal stove oven.
Today, those are sweet memories, but at the time, it really felt like work. ..hard work that was.

Presently, I like to travel on the so called “less traveled” routes.
We’re often go camping in desolate places where there are no built up accommodation, piped water or electricity.
I must say, with the off grid living resources that are available today, life would have been a lot easier during the 70’s.

Apart from writing on the topic and dedicating this website to living off the grid ideas, I am also still a keen learner, so please feel free to connect.

I wish you all the best with your off grid living ideas and concepts and thank you for dropping by!

Cobus vdM
Founder of:  Off Grid Basics
Contact Me: support@offgridbasics.com