Urban farming business plan.

Urban farming business plan.
Curtis Stone: The Urban Farmer / Recommend Reading

Have you ever considered farming, but you have no land?
Would you perhaps be looking for a comprehensive urban farming business plan?Urban farming business plan

This is the perfect information source for you if you want to farm, but:
–  You stay in an urban area and you don’t own agricultural land;
– You don’t know the required techniques or business strategies.
–  You don’t know which high yield crops to plant; Read more

Shed Plans And Designs

Today, I’m super excited!!

I found these shed plans and designs online. It is so comprehensive, detailed and easy to follow, I simply have to share it with my website’s followers. 
These are the perfect off-grid shelter plans.
It is the detailed designs you’ve always been looking for to build your own shed, even if you don’t have any previous experience.
So why am I so excited about it? …
Read more

How to plant potatoes in your off-grid basics garden

How to plant potatoes and growing potatoes in containers

You may be pondering on the question of how to plant potatoes as part of sustaining your off-grid lifestyle on a small and economical scale.
Traditionally our minds are programmed to view potato growing as a full-scale farming activity, for which fair-sized land is needed as indicated in this picture.   well,   …..think again. Read more