Urban farming business plan.

Urban farming business plan.
Curtis Stone: The Urban Farmer / Recommend Reading

Have you ever considered farming, but you have no land?
Would you perhaps be looking for a comprehensive urban farming business plan?Urban farming business plan

This is the perfect information source for you if you want to farm, but:
–  You stay in an urban area and you don’t own agricultural land;
– You don’t know the required techniques or business strategies.
–  You don’t know which high yield crops to plant; Continue reading

Raised Garden Beds Benefits

Raised Garden Beds Benefits

Modern day homesteading and the move to a more off grid basic lifestyle brought a new interest into own food cultivation.
Even city dwellers took up an interest in growing their own vegetables. Raised garden beds and even containers are becoming increasingly popular as the solution to growing your own organic vegetables.
There are numerous benefits of raised garden beds and / or container gardening.

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Free Range Chicken Farming

Free Range Chicken farming

Rearing free range chickens as part of the off-grid lifestyle can be very rewarding.
Apart from being self-supportive with eggs and meat from your chicken husbandry, your free range chicken farming may also be expanded into a handy income source to support your off-grid lifestyle. There are even more benefits to rearing free range chickens … Continue reading