Off-Grid Basics

What is off-grid living?

The term Off-Grid and the widely-used phrase living off the grid originated from people who were exploring alternative sources of electricity.

Though the above is technically correct, today the term off the grid means much more.  Growing your own food, living in the woods, not watching TV, or even a psychological disconnection from modern day society can be included in the meaning of the phrase.

You may choose to convert your house in suburbia into a full or semi off grid unit.
However, the whole idea of living off grid, often resonates to many as the concept of living in a basic off the grid shelter, cottage or structure in a remote area.

Off grid living

Even a RV may serve the purpose of being a mobile off grid shelter.

Off the grid shelters, removed form modern services infrastructure, combined with “green living” concepts is a very relevant modern day dream for many.

Proper and secure shelter is one of the first basic needs for off the grid survival.

Another option may be to travel and visit remote places using a self-contained RV and simply go boon-docking.

Some Questions:

Some questions that needs to be pondered upon in this regard may be:

1 How to build off the grid house;

2 How to rig a self-contained RV

3 Off grid electricity /  solar panel kits;

4 Water supply

5 Waste Disposal

6 Off the grid tools that might be needed






2 thoughts on “Off-Grid Basics

  • 29/03/2017 at 19:01

    Wow, I would like to retire this way. Do you think it is possible? What are some out of country rules? This is a great place to come back too in the future. Good job. Thanks

    • 30/03/2017 at 08:40

      Thanks MarieAnne, Off grid living is a reality. It might be an option for retirement. As mentioned by you, one will have to note rules in this regard. Please come back in future. Lots of more information is to follow. 🙂


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