First things first.
You will need a proper home or shelter for off the grid survival.

The first option that comes to my mind when I think of off grid shelters, are re-purposed shipping containers. A combination of these can be ideally converted into a complete off the grid cottage.

Though shipping containers may offer instant shelter, they have the disadvantage that it is expensive to transport to desolate locations. Furthermore, they need to be thermally isolated and the converting of shipping containers in an off the grid shelter involves far more work than first may be thought of.

There is however no perfect solution when it comes to choosing a structure for off the grid survival. All different structures may have some pros and cons for off grid living.

Some things to consider when choosing your ideal off grid structure are:
– What is the size you need, with the emphasis on need rather than want.
– What skills will you be able to master yourself and what specialized skills will you need to contract.
– Terrain on which you will build.
– Ease of transportation of materials to the site.
– Weather extremes that you need to be sheltered from, like wind, rain, snow or heat.
– Tools required. Let’s call it off the grid tools, as it may differ from the normal tools one is used to.

Re purposed materials are my favorite and it provides almost unlimited options.
Just think of the following, old tires, PET bottles packed with sand / cement, wire mesh frames filled with crushed building rubble, structures from reclaimed floor boards and reclaimed pallet structures.

Salvaged materials from demolished building structures is also a huge source of materials for building off the grid shelters. Examples are old wide plank hardwoods, antique, solid-wood doors and door jambs, timber window frames, antique door latches and window shutters, to name a few. It is even possible to re-purpose some electrical and plumbing goods.

All you need to do, is to give your thoughts free rage. Have an open mind and first take stock of possibilities when you start planning your off the grid shelter.

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2 thoughts on “Shelter

  • 03/04/2017 at 00:18


    That was the first thing that came to mind was shipping containers… it’s not a bad idea! I would of course hire someone to load and unload.

    I think a lot depends on where it would be located. How permanent do I want it to be? Salvaged materials from demolished building structures sounds like an interesting idea… more along the idea of wood, especially hardwood.

    Everything you listed to consider would definitely have to come in play. I would need at least a pickup truck.

    I’m an independent person and like to try to do things on my own… great ideas here.

    Thanks for the great read!

    • 03/04/2017 at 04:31

      Thanks Monica,

      Yes I agree, a pickup truck will be.a rather useful means of transportation for hauling all the materials.



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